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Candles are one of the earliest forms of portable illumination, which haveserved vital functions for humankind throughout itshistory. They were already used over 3,000 years ago; the OldTestaments mentions their use

Candles were usually fashioned in shape ofa long cylinder with a wick running through thewhole length of it. The Romans made them by covering narrow stripsof linen cloth with animal or beeswax. Candles made with thebeeswax were made for the upper social class while the one madewith animal wax were used by plebs. Nowadays candles aremanufactured with paraffin, a wax crystallized from petroleum or ceresin, a byproductof refined petroleum oil, to create a more durable wax. Although100% beeswax candles are still very popular.

For Christians, light symbolizes the person of Christ; theLight of the World. Candles are widely used for all kinds ofreligious ceremonies (Rite of Baptism, First Communion, Wedding,etc.) The presence of lid candles on or near the altar whilecelebration Mass in the Roman Catholic Church are required by theChurch; often candles with ceresin/oil cartridge refillsor the so-called handmade ornate council candles are used forthis purpose.

Candles have been manufactured in all colors, shapes, sizes, andscents; they have been commonly used inboth mundane daily activities of our lives and greatcelebrations of the world.